Guatemala, Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala
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€ 5.200
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Every help Matters

With this option your name will appear in the video of the project as a contributor. There is also the option to give the quantity that you consider proper. Small details are what really matter

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Sponsor a Child

For every 90€ you donate a children will go a whole month to school. The money will be distributed as 70€ for the scolarship and 20€ for school materials such as books, pencils...
With this action you will become a sponsor of a children. You will recive a peronsal thanks you letter from a children of Mano Amiga and your name will appear in the video of the project as a contributor.There is also the option to give the quantity that you consider proper. Small details are what really matter.

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volunteering sponsor

If you're willing to give us this amount of money for the trip, we can consider you as part of the volunteering. Together we can make it!
In this category you will appear in the letter that we will give to the foundation together with the donations. Also your name will appear in the video of the project as a contributor.
Moreover we also will give you a handmade bracelet, so that every time you look at it, you remember that thanks to you, someone's life is a little easier.There is also the option to give the quantity that you consider proper. Small details are what really matter.

(envío a todo el territorio español)

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Su questo progetto

I'm a Spanish student raising money to my Guatemala project. All the money will go to pay the necesary materials for the project.
Materiale Minimo Ottimo
Food and Medicines
This money will be used to pay medicines for the families and food. The money management will be done with help of Mano Amiga Guatemala.
€ 500
Construction Materials
this money will be used to provide the necesary materials for the construction of what is needed and tools for the families and for the needy.
€ 500
Compito Minimo Ottimo
Air ticket
This is the cost to flight from Barcelona to Guatemala and back. The flight is scheduled for July 10. The return is August 7.
€ 700
Acommodation and transportation
This is the cost of living there the whole month and the cost of the transportation.
€ 500
Children Scolarships
Educating a Children in Mano Amiga Guatemala costs 90$/month. this money will be used to provide this scolarships as many children as we can afford. Is stablished a 3.000€ quantity to respect the inicial budget of 5.000€, but this number the bigger the better, so more children can be supported. This money will be given to Mano Amiga Guatemala so they can manage the scolarships.
€ 3.000
Totale € 1.000 € 5.200

Informazione generale

Welcome to GUATEMALA NEEDS YOU project.

My name is Gonzalo Fabra and I'm a 22 years old student. Two years ago I had the idea to create a volunteering with some friends. This will be the second year we are going to Guatemala. The idea is to create a long term project where people can go and experience the volunteering every year.

The trip consist on travelling to the poorest zones in the country of Guatemala such as Piedra Parada (Cristo Rey) or Escuintla departament among others. There we are helping in a Mano Amiga School. Mano Amiga is a network of Regnum Christi educational centers, where children and young people with fewer opportunities receive the comprehensive training tools they need to develop and become successful people. (Mano Amiga Guatemala)

We also analyze all the needs of the families there to solve little problems. Part of the money will be used to pay basic materials such as food or special medicaments that cannot be aquired easily. We have contacts with some farmaceuntics that provide us the materials.

In our project there is also a part of construction. We help to construct whaterver is necessary (roofs, houses, pipelines...)

The money collected will be used to make the project possible this year. Part of that money will help me travel there (20% of the budget). All the rest will be used to provide school materials, construction materials, food and basic suplies. Despite the amount stablished is 1.000€, my real goal is to get 5.000€.

Thanks for your time and your generosity,

Gonzalo Fabra

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

The minimum amount that is stablished is 1.000€, this is to ensure the success of the crowdfunding, but my real goal is to collect 5.000€.
The budget will be distributed helping me travel there (20% of the budget) and the rest (80%) will be used to get all the necesary materials or expenses.

Part of the money will be used to buy food or special medicines that cannot be acquired easily to the people of Santo Domingo community.
There will be also another part destined to buy construction materials and other expenses related to it.

Educate a children in Mano Amiga Guatemala costs 90$/month. Our goal is to give scolarships to the children as long as possible.

Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

This project is born after several friends decide to dedicate a summer of our lifes to help people who really need it. After the experience and the analysis of the trip, we concluded that there was a lot of need and work to do.
So this year we're going back. With more experience, more motivation and with the goal to make a difference in the lifes of all the people we will encounter in our path.

Our long term goal is to provide to the country missionaries every summer with the help of Regnum Christi Barcelona and Reial Monestir Santa Isabel.

We also are studying the possibility to create a foundation in a near future.

Esperienza previa e team

Last year 6 friends and I went to Guatemala for the first time. There we did two basic volunteerings. The first one, consisted in helping in a Mano Amiga school and also helping with the bassic needs of the community there. The other part of the volunteering we went to Escuintla departament, where the Volcán de Fuego erupted causing many damages to the population there. We helped in a regugee camp, constructing houses and pipelines. We could also be part and life with the Christian community there.

This year we're planning based on last year and with more or less the same structure. Some changes will be held in the team. This year we're expecting to be arround 12 volunteers.

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