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Letter of empowerment (paper with seeds)

Make your empowerment message flourish with a use and planting role.

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2 Letters of empowerment (paper with seeds) for you and for that person you want to surprise + thanks on the website and social networks

Make your empowerment message flourish with a use and planting role, and appear on all of our communication networks as thanks.

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Empowerment Letter + Planting Kit (Paper with seeds + Planting Kit)

Make your empowerment message flourish with a use and planting role. Also add a pot, earth and a few seeds is a perfect gift to remind you.

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Empowerment Letter + Planting Kit (Paper with seeds + Planting Kit) + thanks on the website and social networks

Make your empowerment message flourish with a use and planting role. Also add a pot, earth and a few seeds is a perfect gift to remind you and appear in all our communication networks as thanks.

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Book of poems and photographs from India

Immerse yourself in the exotic lands of India through its landscapes and poetry.

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Collaboration companies

Collaborate officially as a company or association.

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Main collaborator

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Su questo progetto

It is a project with which we want to provide resources to women in India with HIV
Infrastruttura Minimo Ottimo
-Support for the education of children with HIV -Training in various trades and strengthening of self-confidence to enable the reinsertion of HIV + people into the workplace - Sensitization workshops and testing through strategic alliances with companies -Campaigns of awareness in the communities and neighborhoods through theater and testing -Sensitization in the cleaning and care of the areas surrounding the house. -Realization of summer excursions for young people between 8-14 years with HIV +
€ 3.925
Local staff
-To provide the necessary human and material resources to maintain the Clinical Outpatient Service for the treatment and appropriate therapies for HIV / AIDS and opportunistic diseases. -Gynecological service, family planning and guidance on sexual and reproductive rights
€ 4.874
-Meetings of networks and NGO Platform -Training of leaders and creation of a Committee for Women's Rights.
€ 720
-Leadership course. -Course on conflict resolution according to the Gandhiano Satyagraha system. - Computer course for women of the Viswhas team -Course of Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights. -Course on LGTB and diverse sexualities - Entrepreneurship workshops offered by students of the University of Mondragon LEINN
€ 5.888
Local staff
-Visits and Home Assistance to People Living with HIV / AIDS and their families - Psychosocial counseling and guidance to people with HIV and their families.
€ 7.311
-Celebrations inter-religious and inter-cultural. -Training and strengthening for the improvement of the gender perspective
€ 1.080
Materiale Minimo Ottimo
- Provide a diet with highly protein food rations to reduce malnutrition in boys and girls -Rehabilitation of areas in the slums for the promotion of sports.
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Informazione generale

What is the difference between the diagnosis of the HIV virus in Spain and in India nowadays?

In Spain the person with the diagnosis in their hands will be able to live a life without major worries.
In India , HIV is synonymous with social death, generating an absolute rejection of the person who contracted it.

And if it is also woman ?

In India, women are already 40% of the population affected by AIDS. In the propagation of the
have played an important role the social and economic differences that exist between
men and women. Many married men have sex outside of marriage, which
increases their chances of contracting AIDS and then transmit it to their women. In addition, it is a
society where there are still many barriers in the use of condoms.

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

The program offers assistance and support to people affected by HIV / AIDS virus and their families, and more specifically to those in which their situation is more vulnerable (Untouchables, LGTB and women who practice prostitution).

The project seeks to integrate the gender perspective in all services, which include:

  • ** Multidisciplinary care
    -Medical monitoring
    -Supportive psycho-emotional
    -Education and formation
  • Self-employment and empowerment
    -Training and support of networking with associations of Women and other organizations in the sector
    -Sensitization of HIV in communities
    -Schools and companies
  • Family counseling
    -Prevention to the transmission of the mother to the baby (focusing on the care of maternal health and the health of children under 5 years of age) **

The project is carried out in a network with associations of affected people, several local organizations and with the Government of India.

Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

To all those people who believe in the empowerment of people, of women, in the power of change, through the small gestures.

Esperienza previa e team

This initiative was born from the collaboration between the NGO Calcuta Ondoan and 5 women students of the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree, entrepreneurs of the entrepreneurs network of Mondragon Team Academy.

The execution of this project is due to the desire of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit to work in the field of AIDS in various countries within its Strategic Plan. The Congregation works based in Indore and Kandhwa but also operates in 3 other regions in India and has a presence in 46 countries, including Spain. With which it can be said that the Congregation has
with previous experience and is committed to the sustainability of the project that concerns us. Therefore, the own idiosyncrasy of the counterpart is one of the greatest assets that guarantees the future sustainability of the initiative.

The congregation has a very positive influence in the field of HIV / AIDS and has been recognized by various organizations in India, such as UNICEF. Being well established and prestigious in the district of Indore, Vishwas is an important reference in the monitoring of antiretroviral therapies and the improvement of the health of people living with HIV / AIDS.

For the part of the campaign, the 5 women entrepreneurs are working on the communication campaign to make this project a long-term project and get the message across, transforming more and more people, day by day.

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