We are always very excited to return to the classroom and as reminder when we were students 📚 ...! As last February 14th, we went back to school to be at the other side of the desks. We gave a crowdfunding workshop at the Escola Pia Santa Anna in Mataró, which opened its doors to us as we shared, with the students of the Higher Degree in Administration and Finance, our methodologies and advice to start a crowdfunding campaign. We also showed them how students from other schools have also managed to boost their initiatives, already through our platform: 37 històries or GreenPower Jesuitinas.

Although it was not the first time this school was entering the world of crowdfunding, as in 2013, students Marc Unzueta and Victor Robert, launched a Goteo, managing successfully as they co-finance their final course project, the EyeCopter ✌️✌️.

We would love that this workshop would encourage other schools like yours by promoting educational projects through collective funding, making school initiatives go out of school and become a reality. If you like the idea? Write us 👉 here.

As we are restless minds!, our activity is a non-stop ...! Last week, we also were facilitating an another workshop at the Ateneu Pablo Picasso de Viladecans and we were also at the event “Co-creación de sueños” organized by our colleage from Singa Barcelona.


We celebrate the successes of the campaigns, and other occasions, as well! it is even more enjoyable when the initiatives add community, "travel-miles", impact and awards 🏆.

If last year, one of the Barcelona's City Awards was for Fundación Bofill (in its the Education category), February 14th was the price-giving ceremony for 2018's nominees were presented. We did not want to miss the opportunity to give our most sincere congratulations to all the winners; especially (👏👏👏) to Cooperativa d'Arquitectes Lacol, in the field of Architecture and Urbanism, for its fabulous project, collective and unique, housing cooperative La Borda. And to Zumzeig, in Audiovisual, highlighted for their "significant involvement in film festivals and with the social fabric of the neighborhood", not bad at all being the first cooperative cinema of Catalonia, huh?. 👉 The moment was immortalized 📽️for posterity.


We are tireless like those well-known batteries... 🐰! for this reason, new events coming up: the workshop of the Comunificadora, the talk at the course Eficiencracia and days a head as important as the 8M, are looming on the horizon, in which we hope to find you again in our next newsletter so we can share them with you!