😊 It is said that spring "either numbs you or upsets you" and this year it seems that it has started somewhat cloudy, as if wanting to give us in a few days part of all that rain that will relieve us in summer. Even so, and with little sun, some of us have already been amazed by those first shoots that break both the damp earth and those layers of asphalt that seem insurmountable.

🤗 And that would be our fortnightly reflection: that life always makes its way, with more or less difficulty, as long as we remain connected to that little fire that never stops burning and that fountain that never stops sprouting.

📬 In this newsletter we bring you liveliness, courage and momentum in abundance with board games calling for cooperation, educational projects showing how to reverse desertification and agroecological cooperative movements dynamizing through our own experience and love for the land. Join us!

Consortium 🎲

Portada Juego Consortium

🎴 Consortium is a collaborative card game in which you have the opportunity to manage a municipality, making decisions that will affect both yours and that of others. It is only earned when all municipalities reach a point of satisfactory welfare.

🤔 In the game process, the cards to be used during the consortium phase are decided among all the players, hence its name. In this way we verify that growing up requires managing the consequences on life, sometimes positive and many others negative.

✌️ If you also believe that nobody wins if someone loses and cooperation is necessary, join the project at goteo.cc/consortium.

Sunseed Desert Technology 🌱

Portada Sunseed Tecnologia del Desierto

🏜️ Sunseed is a non-profit educational project focused on the transition towards a more ecologically responsible society based in an old Andalusian rural town without connection to the network. Its mission is to research, demonstrate and communicate methods of sustainable living and environmental management in a semi-arid environment.

🌱 Not only do they explore ways to reverse desertification in southeastern Spain, they have also become a non-formal educational center, where interns and volunteers support ongoing tasks while learning to live more self-sufficiently.

🌳 Discover practical knowledge in many different areas, such as green building, renewable energy technologies or permaculture principles and help them to move forward in goteo.cc/sunseed.

Tres Cadires, agroecological engine 🪑

Portada Tres Cadires, motor agroecológico

🪑 Tres Cadires they have done a lot of work during their six years of life. As processors, but also in terms of consumption, distribution or revitalization. Always with the objective of social transformation. But during these years they have not been able to continue improving the workshop as they would like or to build an office.

🤗 Now the time has come to consolidate the spaces and go one step further to be a fundamental pillar of the cooperative and agroecological movement, and thus demonstrate that it is possible, viable and necessary a project model that develops and dynamizes at the same time, an engine that makes things happen from their own experience and knowledge and love for the land and territory, and always counting on the people and the community. And in Ponent (land of Lleida).

💪 Join them and consolidate a project model that makes things happen in the territory, networking and boosting agroecology and the social and solidarity economy in goteo.cc/icexrentabasicaeuropea.

New campaigns on Canal Fiare 💻

Portada uevas campañas en Canal Fiare

Ethical finance was born to innovate the financial system in terms of transparency and credit policies aimed at the real, social and solidarity economy, for this reason the Fiare Channel wants also be a tool at the service of social transformation through the financing of third sector projects, the social and solidarity economy and the promotion of a culture of financial intermediation, under the principles of transparency, participation and democracy, through crowdfunding campaigns.

Today we want to thank Fiare Banca Etica for the long-standing trust placed in our platform as well as a foundation and invite you to learn about, disseminate and support four precious initiatives launched this week on the channel.

The campaigns are focused on universal accessibility and the employment of people with functional diversity. Specifically in the acquisition of digital skills, scientific training, active aging and improvement of the quality of life in people with reduced mobility.

They are promoted by entities with a long history and commitment to the defense of rights for all, such as ONCE, ASPACE Confederation, Lantegi Batuak and AFAMP Bailén, to whom we also thank for their dedication, putting ourselves at their service in this wonderful adventure for the community.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.