🤗 Have you ever played find a hidden object? The best treasure maps are never completely clear as they include red crosses, missing steps and directions that can be interpreted in various ways. Making decisions is necessary and advancing implies, in many cases, deviating for a time from the objective. Become Aware. Reflect. Learn. Reorient.

🗺️ At the Foundation we receive daily invitations from brave adventurers to join their search. Because they know that we know that a treasure is, by definition, an accumulation of something valuable that is lost and unused, waiting for someone to discover it to be returned to the world.

📬 In this newsletter we bring you three adventures: touring Murcia with the aim of collecting the testimony of its inhabitants about the absence and importance of water in the region, to set up a multidisciplinary cultural center in the Cartuja neighborhood to make it accessible to the entire population and create in Asturias a territory where humans and animals can coexist in a sustainable way.

El Mapa del Agua 🌊

El Mapa del Agua

🌊 The water culture that had been built in Murcia since Arab times has been corrupted. The tradition that revolved around it in the past has disappeared. The inhabitants of Murcia have lost an identity component and even their physical spaces are being threatened.

📽️ The short film "El mapa del agua" travels through different areas of the Region of Murcia, with the aim of collecting a series of testimonies that live their daily life marked by the presence, absence and importance of water.

👉 If you are also concerned that the environmental crisis is turning water into a means of consumption that is increasingly scarce, generating disputes and conflicts over its use, co-finance this informative audiovisual at goteo.cc/elmapadelagua.

La Estupenda needs you 🎪

La Estupenda te necesita

🎪 At La Estupenda they have been creating culture in the Cartuja neighborhood since 2009. They began their journey with clown and improvisational theater and now they welcome artists from all kinds of disciplines: microtheatre, singing, monologues, photography, writing, acting, forum theater...

🎭 Its main audience is students from the University of Granada, although in recent years they have been reaching (finally!) more groups: girls and boys, older neighbors... and for two years they have been working with a residence for people with intellectual diversity in Loja, Granada. Until now, they move there and teach classes at the residence. But now what they want is for them to come to school, to their house. For that, they have to make La Estupenda an accessible and inclusive place.

✊ If you think it is a beautiful and powerful initiative, you can collaborate in its creation at goteo.cc/laestupenda.

A step back - Shepherdesses of Dreams 🏔️

Un paso atrás - Pastoras de Sueños

🏔️ How to describe the grazing space that runs through the mountains with his sheep, the loneliness, the fear and the perfect happiness? How to describe this bond with animals that has a thousand faces, a thousand shapes and is found in a thousand places?

🌱 If the human being is, by nature, the only species that has no territory; this project wants to build one of its own and return to the animals the one that belongs to them. And it will be done through the merger of two initiatives: Pastoras de Semillas, which is dedicated to grazing goats and sheep as well as making milk and other derivatives, together with Cabalgandosueños, oriented to horseback riding through the Cantabrian Mountains , riding courses, natural dressage and animal traction in the Redes Natural Park in Asturias.

💪 Become a co-creator of a sustainable and respectful lifestyle in goteo.cc/pastorasdesuenos.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


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