🦋 A vital lesson that often comes to all of us is to realize that the only constant is change. It is also common to feel carried away by some events, as if someone else was behind the wheel and without knowing very well where we are going or when we will arrive. That is why at the Foundation we believe that the most important thing is to give voice to that desire to express needs, be heard and cooperate to make change an opportunity and an experience that improves our personal and collective experience.

📬 In this newsletter you will be able to meet promoters of change with initiatives to propose real alternatives to the model of tenure and access to housing, promote an urban forest of 177,000m2 to fight climate change at a local scale and give a twist to the representations free sexual violence in the cinema through a feminist reading.

Transformative cooperative housing 🏠

Transformative cooperative housing

📽️ "El Tinglado" believes in the fundamental role of culture as a channel for social transformation. That is, in the transforming possibilities of the forms of relationship between people and their environment through the creation of content such as in this case a documentary and a catalogue.

💜 This campaign wants to investigate and spread a way of living that focuses on making visible and disseminating real alternatives to the model of ownership and access to housing in an inspiring, emotional way and within the reach of all audiences.

✊ Claims with them the transformative capacity of collective work and collects the testimony and experiences of the communities as protagonists in goteo.cc/eltinglado.

Malaga Urban Forest 🌳

Malaga Urban Forest

🙋‍ This citizen platform promotes an urban forest of 177,000 square meters in two Malaga districts where the ratio of green areas barely reaches 2 square meters per inhabitant (when the WHO recommends at least between 10-15 square meters).

🏗 For this reason, its initiative is part of the essential actions at the local level to fight climate change and improve the living conditions of citizens in neighborhoods with serious deficiencies in green infrastructure.

👉 Help them judicially stop the municipal plan that plans to build 4 skyscrapers in this green lung, making your contribution in goteo.cc/bosqueurbanomalaga.

Angel's dust 💃

Angel's dust

📽 This horror short film, set in the Madrid night, wants to give a twist to the "rape and revenge" genre through a feminist and empathic reading with the victim, dispensing with gratuitous representations of sexual violence, but without looking away from a social reality.

💎 It is common in the film industry to abuse the good intentions and strong vocation of women workers in the sector, normalizing in them a situation of constant precariousness. This is more common, if possible, in the world of short films.

💪 Thus, the main reason when launching this crowdfunding is to achieve the economic viability of the project to fairly remunerate all the people involved and you can support them by collaborating in goteo.cc/polvodeangel.

Little things are coming...

Little things are coming...

As that wise man would say, about us "it is known that we propose to change the social system, since we do not make a mystery of it." So the time has come to tell you that from the Foundation we have been cooking something very wild for months. Some words as a clue would be: Citizen Assembly, Culture, Creativity, Datathon, Gamification, Democratic Innovation... and so far we can read. For now, this image you see above will be the cover and we leave it here to feed your fantasies.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.