Aura Farguell i Clapés - The Future is Now

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I will be really grateful and send you an e-mail expressing you my big and sincere THANKS!

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I will be really grateful and send you an e-mail expressing you my big and sincere THANKS!, in this mail I will include a photo of the Avalon School Experience.

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Personalized e-mail

Personalized email explaining my experience and the impact including an digital album of the experience.

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I will send you a calendar made by myself with the pictures taken during the experience with inspiring ideas of how we can change the world we live in.

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Presentation about the Avalon School experience

Personal presentation at your home or organisation (or via skype) about my experience with pictures and to create a space to share ideas about the process of change.

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Presentation about Avalon School by one of the participants and one of the facilitators of the program

Presentation at your home or organisation (or via skype) about the experience from different sides of the creation process with the aim of creating a space of reflection and collaboration across the different members and participants

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Bisogni Compito Minimo Ottimo
Cost of the activities
During the program the students develop different types of activities, which require of English-speaking and experienced, certified facilitators and specific materials and equipment to ensure that the activities are run under the safest conditions possible. The activities this year are as follows: - Solo time in the wild. - Via Ferrata · Climbing Trail - Water Trekking · Soul Vacation - Rock Climbing · Facing your fears - Archery · finding your focus - Eco-Building · Art in nature - Video & performance · Team work for social change - Music & dance · Finding your rhythm - Yoga & massage · Age old techniques - Meditation · Shamanic journey
$ 606
Service learning experience
Cost of covering the experience of living and working in the local project of an organic farm, where we will support the day-to-day activities of the project, lead an promotional campaign about the farm, construct a compost toilet and natural water filter system, using eco-building skills, help in the vegetable garden and reflect about the future of the project.
$ 242
Activities of the extended program
During the extended program students develop different types of activities, which require facilitators with fluent English and certified and experienced. We also need specific equipment and materials to ensure that activities are carried out in conditions of maximum security. In addition to service learning, participants also take part in activities from the basic program, which are facilitated differently so that students can have a deeper approach.
$ 263
Bisogni Infrastruttura Minimo Ottimo
Food and accomodation during the program
The camp is run on a mobile-free, car-free campsite which uses solar energy and water conservation measures and students also spend time on a nearby organic farm. Students enjoy a healthy, largely vegetarian diet with most food sourced locally, and organically where possible. They sleep in tents in a fully equipped ecological campsite with native american Tipi and geodesic domes which provide ideal spaces for learning circles, relaxing, share stories, watch films and play music.
$ 395
Arrival to the camp
Cost of arrival and departure to the site of the camp
$ 52
Food and accommodation during the service learning.
During the service learning experience the participants and facilitators live on a farm where they are responsible for preparing their food, organizing the camp and the projects that they will work on at the farm. We facilitate all the necessary resources and support but the participants are the ones who lead the experience.
$ 337
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Informazione generale

My name is Aura, and I am 16 years old. I live near Olot, in la Garrotxa (Catalonia, Spain) and I am looking for support to continue my personal development process by going to Avalon Sustainability School this year.

One year ago I decided to leave high school to start developing my learning process in a different and more integral way, using a different methodology. I wanted to learn in a more coherent way according to how I perceive the world and the reality and how I feel. In summary, I decided I wanted to be responsible for my own learning process.

With the aim of developing my skills, I am actively involved in a project in my community called “Projecte Ishtar”. This project aims to build multi-disciplinary spaces for co-creation, learning, diffusion and co-existence. It is a self-managed project focused on social change and creativity.

Participating in Avalon School would be a unique opportunity to continue my development process by learning practical ways of making a difference, such as using permaculture and practical sustainability, making video campaigns or landart and discovering new tools to be actively involved in my community. I also want to learn about different cultures and meet other young people like me who also want to make the world a better place.

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

Avalon Sustainability School aims to help young people develop the skills, freedom and creativity to take part in the journey towards a more resilient and peaceful society. We believe young people can change the world and our experiential, intercultural and nature based programs help prepare them to do so.

The students experience different pathways to a more sustainable future through diverse activities including outdoor adventure, spending time alone in wild nature, ecobuilding, permaculture and transition training, music and video-activism, yoga, dance and land art as s well as group decision-making, deep listening and intercultural dialogue.

The activities at Avalon School are carried out in small groups where facilitators and learners form part of a learning team. The school is based at car-free, mobile free camp sites in protected areas of wilderness for nature based learning and adventure. Students also spend time on local social projects in a service learning exchange where the students learn about how to apply their skills to a practical sustainability project. The program in Spain this year will be working on a local family run organic farm, la Quintana.


Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

Participating in Avalon Sustainability School this summer would be a unique opportunity for me for several reasons:

-Learning from activities related to sustainability and respect for nature, to with which I feel very linked because since childhood I have lived in a natural environment and my family has always been sensitive to these issues.

-Practicing English with people of my age and engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I am willing to learn with them and from them. In the future I would like to travel to other countries, and this would be an opportunity to start to interact in an international environment.

-I believe it is a good experience for my personal development.


Obiettivi della campagna di crowdfunding

My optimal objective would be to collect the support of my community and networks to attend the full 23 day program. This program will allow me to learn different skills and abilities during the 12 days program, but also to get involved in the service learning at the organic farm where I will put in practice all the things I have learn as well as to reflect about real life challenges.

I hope this experience will allow us to become active leaders and changemakers and will provide us tools to move forward towards a new reality.


Esperienza previa e team


Barcelonya is a social enterprise based in Spain dedicated to education and communication for sustainability with a team of professionals who have been working for social change in Spain and Latin America for the last 20 years. Barcelonya has specialised in creating innovative learning experiences, games and tools to help individuals and organisations maximize their potential to solve today’s most urgent social, environmental and economic challenges. Barcelonya coordinates the Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development recognized by the United Nations University, is one of the founding members of the business association Ecoemprenedors, member of the Xarxa de Economía Solidaria and the Red Iberoamericana de Eco-Aldeas.

Projecte Ishtar

Projecte Ishtar is a non-for-profit association with a fixed number of people actively involved in the different projects. It is a self-sufficient and self-managed organization, focused in the communication across people and the cooperation among individual and collective projects projects. It is an open and dynamic association that is economically supported by the annual quotes paid by the members. It is located in la Garrotxa and it has got many different projects mainly focused in the artistic creation and social change.


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