Gli animali nella Grande Guerra/Animals in the Great War

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"Animals in the Great War" - Study materials

With a donation of 5 € you could access the "Biblioteca di Se", a special section of the association Se website dedicated to book reviews and pick up one of them related to this topic.

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"Animals in the Great War" - Methodological guide

A donation of 10 € will entitle you to receive a methodological guide to main sources and suggestions on searching sources on the Web.

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"Animals in the Great War" - Interdisciplinary guide

With 20 € you will receive a guide to plan lessons which favors geographical, linguistic and disciplinary crossovers because teachers of different disciplines (i.e. history, literature, and linguistics) are encouraged to work together in order to develop multidisciplinary courses for their classes.

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"Animals in the Great War" - E-learning session

A donation of 60 € will enable you to access a 3 hour e-learning session on the theoretical and practical aspects of developing a didactic seminar dedicated to the animals in war. Think about it? A unique experience to share information with colleagues from all over the world.

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"Animals in the Great War" - eBook launch invitation

A donation of 100 € let to participate in the webinar that the cultural association Se will organize in December 2017 for the launch of the ebook "Animals in the Great War".

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"Animals in the Great War" - Sponsorship

If you are an organization committed to environmental protection and animal rights or a cultural foundation, and you think it's worth supporting this project, support it! Your donation will receive our public gratitude and your logo will be printed on the e-Book's fourth cover.

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Cats at War

10 | 05 | 2017
Cats at War

Il gatto "Tabby" era lì con molti altri come cacciatori di topi e mascotte.

Sostieni questo progetto! Molte le ricompense in attesa della tua donazione, ognuna delle quali sarà moltiplica per 2 grazie alla Fondazione Europeana.


"Tabby" the cat was there with many others as rat hunters and mascots.

Help this project to succeed! Many rewards are waiting for your donation and remember that each one multiplies by 2 thanks to Europeana Foundation

Pictures showed are from Europeana 1914-1918 (, namely Imperial War Museums, Australian War Memorial, California Historical Society, Alexander Turbull Library


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