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Credit on the project’s website

If you’re not looking for a reward and want to help us, you can donate a symbolic amount. You’ll have our most sincere gratitude ¡thank you! Your name will appear as a co-financer in KinoRaw’s website.

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KinoRaw T-Shirt

Wear yourself our special T-Shirt and help us develop the open source cinema. Exclusive design, available in several sizes.

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Product: “Cycled-Doll” + T-Shirt

If you want to support us but think you’ll never approach media production using open hardware and software, we’ve thought about you and the smallest :) Support us and we’ll reward you with a doll made using recycled technological materials, or a rag-doll if you prefer. You can have a look at user estoyhechountrapo in to see some examples or submit us your own design to customise your doll. Plus, you will also get a KinoRaw T-Shirt!

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digital video recording services

KinoRaw proposes to generate a symbiosis between cinematographic projects. We’ll shoot what you need :) Based on 6 hours long sessions (transportation not included). With experimentation and testing goals, you have the opportunity of seeing how the camera responds in your environment. You will also have our suggestions about the camera expansion possibilities in your scope. The footage generated with the camera belogs to the cofinancier (you), so you can use them freely in your work, be it commercial or not, and of course, cite which fragments of your piece have been shot on an open hardware camera ;) If you are interested, and opt for this financing method, we’ll get in touch with you to see how to integrate the KinoRaw workflow into your project, and keep you informed during the development. Plus, we’ll bring you two KinoRaw T-Shirts to your set.

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Collaborando € 1.500

Workshop - Introduction on collaborating institutions

Workshop / seminar about Elphel and Blender. Institutions who decide to support our project can do so via a once in a time contribution of 1,500€. This includes the special mention as “mecenas” (sponsor) in every published materials (videos, manuals, etc) We also offer a limited number of four workshops held at the institutions who support KinoRaw. Participants will be able to record and personally test the Elphel camera capabilities. The workshop is 12 hours long. Travel and accommodation expenses not included.

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Kino Mapa

24 | 04 | 2012
Kino Mapa

A raiz de las preguntas de l*s que os interesáis por KinoRaw, hemos elaborado un mapa mental del estado en el que se encuentra el proyecto. En él figuran nuestros objetivos y los detalles de la investigación, de su desarrollo, ejecución y documentación.

Actualmente nos encontramos en la fase de investigación y desarrollo, que está compuesta de una primera etapa de configuración y testeo de la cámara que ya hemos completado. Paralelamente estamos trabajando en la postpo tradicional con software libre, en streaming y en grabación a disco. En breve esperamos poder empezar a probar ópticas y a fabricar algunos accesorios. Como decimos, todo esto configura una primera fase de investigación y desarrollo que será puesta en práctica en rodajes (aún no sabemos que tipos de rodajes podemos afrontar ya que esto lo abordaremos una vez concluida la investigación).

Al final, generaremos un workflow y una documentación de la investigación y su puesta en práctica que tendrá como resultado una serie de manuales, videotutoriales, videos, etc. que estarán disponibles en abierto/libre en nuestra web y en cualquiera que lo quiera alojar.

Podeis descargaros el mapa aquí:

... y seguimos!


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