La ReciCreativa

Finanziato il 01 / 12 / 2017
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£ 3,383
£ 9,557
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Su questo progetto

A recyclery in Granada. Repair, recycle, create.

Bisogni Infrastruttura Minimo Ottimo
Space rental, months 1 through 6
The monthly rent for the 180 m2 space is 580 euros.
£ 2,943
Space rental, months 7 through 12
The monthly rent for the 180 m2 space is 580 euros.
£ 2,943
Fixed monthly costs for 1 year
Including electricity, water, internet and industrial waste collection
£ 2,283
Annual costs
Mandatory insurances, data protection, fire extinguishers, bank account costs
£ 423
Bisogni Compito Minimo Ottimo
Goteo costs
Goteo platform commission (4 %)
£ 135
Information material and membership cards
£ 21
Goteo Rewards
Printed badges
£ 30
Goteo costs
Goteo platform commission (4%)
£ 245
Goteo Rewards
Printed badges
£ 25
Bisogni Materiale Minimo Ottimo
Facade paint
Facade renovation
£ 42
Tools, various consumables
Purchase of complementary tools to those already present in the space.
£ 211
Paint for indoor renovation
Improve the appearance of the walls.
£ 42
Office supplies for 1 year
Paper, printer toner, etc.
£ 211
Totale £ 3,383 £ 9,557

Informazione generale

La ReciCreativa is an inclusive citizen project by Granada in Transition. A recyclery is a space equipped with tools, hosted by savvy hands, and freely available to its users. Anyone can bring broken or useless items (small electrical appliances, bicycles, electronics, clothing, small furniture, etc.) and learn to repair them, transform them into something useful, and go home happy.

We are preparing the space and anticipate opening as soon as the crowdfunding campaign finishes (October).

Brighton, London, Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin and more than 1,000 other cities around the world have a Repair Café or recyclery.

Help us launch one in Granada, too!

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

• Fix your broken items at the shared workspace
• Participate in the weekly fixing, recycling, making, etc. workshops
• Offer your own workshops or activities
• Enjoy cultural events
• Borrow tools at the tool library
• Exchange objects and ideas
• Enjoy the café space and interact with other recicreators
• Be part of a self-managed, horizontal and participative project

We have found an ideal space which is already equipped with tools and materials, in the Realejo district in Granada, 10 minutes walking or 3 minutes biking from the heart of the city.
The space includes:
• A workshop space (80 m2) for woodworking and noisy or dusty work
• A space for "clean work": tailoring, electronics repairs, exchanges, and the bar-café (100 m2)

The Realejo is a very attractive neighbourhood, with many useful shops for la ReciCreativa's activities (hardware store, household products, bicycle shops, etc.) and several associations and shops committed to protecting the environment and relocalizing the economy (organic and local produce shops, craftspeople, second hand clothing shops, public school with an organic canteen, etc.).


Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

• Address planned obsolescence
• Reduce the amount of waste produced
• Support technological sovereignty
• Regain traditional knowledge
• Promote responsible consumption
• Facilitate social and intergenerational relations

We wish to offer a new space in Granada for intergenerational encounters, for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas and items.

Fixing things yourself is fun and means saving money, saving energy for the planet, and a huge personal satisfaction.


Obiettivi della campagna di crowdfunding

We have evaluated our financial needs at around 11,000 euros for our first year of operation, and 9,000 for the subsequent ones. La ReciCreativa will be supported by its members (membership fees and donations for bar consumptions and participation in workshops), as well as donations from patrons.
To finance the launch, we have chosen to crowdfund. Thanks to this campaign, besides giving more visibility to the project, we can cover the majority of the costs for the first 6 months, while we continue welcoming enough members to make the project self-sufficient.

Your donation will mainly contribute to:
• Paying the rent for the space
• Buying tools
• Buying materials and consumables to outfit the space

If we reach 4,000 euros: we will cover about 70% of the basic necessities of the project during the first six months. The project will be sustainable from then on thanks to the membership fees paid subsequently and the donations from members and patrons.

If we reach 11,300 euros: the project will be financed 100% for one year. All the subsequent membership fees and received donations will allow to guarantee the sustainability of the project during the second year... and we'll throw a big party!


Option 1: become a member
You can become a member through your donation and we'll have a gift for you to collect at La ReciCreativa*****. Also, we'll write your name on a wall in the space.

Being a member allows you:
• Use of the common spaces
• Use of the tools at the workshop
• Use of the tool library (based on established conditions)
• Right to participate in the programming and management of the project

Option 2: become a patron
Come visit La ReciCreativa and collect your gift***** as a token of gratitude for your participation. We'll also write your name on a wall in the space.

  • The fabric bags for your bulk food purchases are hand made by recicreators using recycled bed linen.
    The free participation in workshops refers to La ReciCreativa's own workshops.
    * The organized visit will include a visit to the main projects of Granada en Transición ("Gallinero Feliz" Happy Chicken Coop, shared vegetable garden in Granada's valley, "Bailar por bailar" free dancing project, "Voces en transición" choir, "Cine en transición" movie and debate project, Aquaponics)
    *** El Ecosúper is an organic and local produce shop located near La ReciCreativa in the Realejo district
    The rewards can be collected directly at La ReciCreativa

Esperienza previa e team

La ReciCreativa is a recently founded non-profit association, based on the principles of voluntary service. It is formed by people living in Granada. At the moment, about 20 people are participating in its launch, however we hope that more people will soon become involved in helping drive this citizen project.

La ReciCreativa is a citizen project by Granada en Transición, part of the Transition Towns movement.
Six of the people involved in the project of La ReciCreativa are also involved in other projects or in Granada en Transición (GeT)'s steering, reflexion and diffusion group. GeT is a citizen project founded in 2012.

The active projects of Granada en Transición are:
• Happy Chicken Coop (financed through crowdfunding at its launch)
• Free dancing project "Bailar por bailar"
• Communal, organic, local cooking project "Cocina en transición"
• Thematic movies and debates "Cine en transición"
• Aquaponics
• A collective vegetable garden in Granada's valley
• Choir project "Voces en transición"


Impegno sociale

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

    Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

    There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Life On Land

    Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss