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Finanziato il 16 / 07 / 2016
€ 4.416
€ 3.443
€ 3.853
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    From the sofa pack

    You will get the option to download the online album.

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  • Collaborando € 12

    I'm watching you from the peephole pack

    You will get the option to download the online album and you will receive the physical

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  • Collaborando € 25

    The active pack

    All of the above plus two tickets for the presentation concert of the album.

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  • Collaborando € 50

    The honey-made heart pack

    You will get the same from above, but the "extra" 25€ will go to help refugees who can not enter Europe. I will present you different projects that are working on that, and you will be able to choose the one you want to support.

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  • Collaborando € 300

    The adventurer pack

    You will receive a physical version of the album and the chance to have a private concert in your house. This concerts will only apply to the Basque Country.

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  • Collaborando € 450

    The exotic pack

    You will receive the physical version of the album and the change to have a private concert in your house. This concerts will apply to Spain, except the islands :( I'm sorry.

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Su questo progetto

Help me produce my first album

Bisogni Infrastruttura Minimo Ottimo
The recording of the songs
Facilities: studio, technical equipment and support.
€ 700
The Mastering
The mastering of the recorded songs.
€ 420
Variable costs
Costs related to the shipping of the discs and bureaucratic costs.
€ 547
Bisogni Materiale Minimo Ottimo
The design of the album
Graphic design: typography, photography, logo, etc.
€ 720
Bisogni Compito Minimo Ottimo
Album copies
500 copies.
€ 1.056
the recording of the songs
Facilities: studio, technical equipment and support.
€ 410
Totale € 3.443 € 3.853

Informazione generale

Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to present you my newest and most personal project.

My name is IZARO and all of this started in 2015 with my first single: Paradise. Shortly after I uploaded it to YouTube it started getting a lot of views from people all over the world. Some months later it was selected to be part of the soundtrack of a movie, called Pikadero, that was part of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Now, after surrounding myself with brilliant musicians and people, who have my best interest, I'm ready to bring to life this album. I hope that you and I, altogether, can create and achieve something we can call ours.

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

The album has 12 (+1) songs. Six in Basque, three in Spanish and three in English.

The album will be distributed under Creative Commons license.
Attribution– NonCommercial – NoDerivs (by-nc-nd): No se permite un uso comercial de la obra original ni la generación de obras derivadas.

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Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

This project is dedicated to anyone who wants to feel and be a part of it.

This goes to my parents, my sister, my friends, my supporters and to everyone who has helped me either with their time, knowledge, skills and unconditional company.


Obiettivi della campagna di crowdfunding

We need raise money to cover the expenses of the album, which include: the estudio, multimedia producers, graphic designers, musicians and the disc copies. Also we want to cover all bureaucratic expenses.

Your help is priceless but we have some offers that might be of your interest.


Esperienza previa e team

Sailors on board

"If you wanna go fast, go alone. But if you wanna go far, go with people."

Let me introduce you to my family:

Oriol Flores Arisa: Precussionist graduated from Musikene. About to get his Master's degree in Musical Pedagogy. A Catalan learning Basque.

Iker Lauroba Alonso: Guitarist and singer of Lauroba. Songwriter under the name of Iker Lauroba. He is a bad jokes enthusiast.

Ane Bastida Saiz: Bass player, nurse and teacher. She can eat anything and everything she wants and she doesn't gain any weight.

Yon Bidaur: Musician, songwriter and producer. Owner of Muir Estudio. Father of a funny young gentleman.

Izaro Andres Zelaieta: Songwriter and Communication student. She is not a morning person.

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