Laboratori d'aplicacions mòbils

Finanziato il 04 / 01 / 2014
€ 11.316
€ 6.000
€ 15.600
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Collaborando € 5
Your name in the acknowledgments page of the FIB
Your name will appear on a Web page where the FIB will be thankful to all those who make this project possible.
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Collaborando € 20
Your name at the page and in the Apps Lab
In addition to be mentioned in the website, a physical space will be reserved in the classroom to show those who have cooperated.
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Collaborando € 40
Invitation to the opening ceremony
Aside from the references to the Lab and the web site, you will have an invitation to the opening ceremony of the Lab. It will include a related speech about mobile tech. In addition, there will be a group photo that will be hanged in the Lab, it will be displayed at the website and sent to the media along with a press release.
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Collaborando € 60
Keep up to date
In addition to the previous reward, you will receive regular communications with news about mobile applications, academic papers, final projects and other activities being developed in the Apps Lab. You will be able to participate in a free annual technical seminar about mobile technologies and other technology trends organized by the FIB. Moreover, in case of a free places in a non-profit course, you will be able to register for free.
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Collaborando € 80
Explain your ideas and do networking
You will participate in a networking conference with developers, students and collaborators of the Lab. Also you'll be able to express your proposals to the "Lab's Pool of Ideas" . By this way your proposals and App projects may be developed by the students as academic practices.
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Collaborando € 150
Use the Lab
In addition to previous rewards, you'll be able to access for 100 hours (previous reservation) to the IOS development Lab. This bag of hours will be valid for 3 years.
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Collaborando € 300
: The company logo on the website and in the Lab
We will show the logo of your company or institution's at FIB’s website as one of our partners in this project, it will be shown also in the picture hanged on the physical spaces of the Lab. The company will be invited to participate in the opening ceremony also.
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Collaborando € 600
Landig page or special page of your company.
In addition to the previous reward, you will have a special "landing page" linked from the project website, where you will be able to show your company services and special offers for Lab users.
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Collaborando € 1.200
Sponsor an iMac
With this contribution, you will sponsor one of the iMacs of the Lab. The company logo will be displayed as computer sponsor at the project’s website (where you will have the option to create a landing page specific for your company) and the physical space of the classroom. In addition, the logo of your company will be displayed in the iMac (externally labeled and as a wallpaper) as company that sponsors the computer. You will be invited to the opening ceremony also and the company name will be included at the press release sent to the media.
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Collaborando € 2.500
Teach in the Lab
In addition to sponsoring an iMac, you can book for free the iOS Lab to train for two weeks (mornings or afternoons). This booking will depend of availability of the Lab and opening periods. The training event or information event can be addressed to FIB students, other groups and also for in-company training.
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Collaborando € 6.000
Sponsor the iOS Lab
The Lab will be named with your trademark and your company’s logo will be displayed prominently in the Lab’s webpage (where you will have the option of creating a specific landing page for the company), in a physical space in the Lab (with a poster or a plaque with the name and logo of the company or institution in recognition) and press releases will be sent to media. Your company will be invited to chair the Lab's opening ceremony and as a speaker at seminars and conferences organized about mobile technologies and other areas of computing. It will yield freely the school’s Auditorium (Sala d'Actes) or the school’s Boardroom (Sala de juntes) or the Lab for conferences, seminars or presentations (two days per year for the next three years).
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Su questo progetto

Enlarge the mobile Apps Lab with workstations able to develop Apps for iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.) for the Barcelona School of Informatics
Materiale Minimo Ottimo
5 iMacs
5 iMacs is the minimum equipment in order to complete a little mobile Lab to develop Apps. The price of each of these teams for the University is about 1200 euros
€ 6.000
Ampliació del laboratori
With more budget, instead of five iMacs, we could expand it until 13 iMacs. The price corresponds to the difference between the cost of the 13 iMacs and 5 iMacs.
€ 9.600
Totale € 6.000 € 15.600

Informazione generale

The Barcelona School of Informatics ( offers a quality university training in the field of technologies, meeting the needs of society and the economy.

Currently, there is a great demand of professionals in the field of mobile applications.
Considering that Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital, our school has to be able to provide the necessary resources to train skilled professionals for all mobile platforms.

FIB has various laboratories for practical work and Final project where you can develop mobile applications, but does not have a specific environment for programming mobile based Apps on iOS (iPhone, iPod ...).

We need to complement existing laboratory workstations with Apple equipment to cover all development platforms for Apps since most students do not have this equipment because of its cost.

To achieve this, we need everyone's help because only with the regular funding of the University it is very difficult to achieve.

Descrizione del progetto. Caratteristiche, punti di forza e peculiarità.

In order to achieve the purposes of the project, the conversion of an existing classroom into a laboratory to develop apps for iOS systems is proposed.

The lab will become the place for teaching and develop iOS apps, in addition self-interest students, would also be able to complete online courses (MOOCS) to develop Apps.

Free loan on non-teaching periods for unemployed people courses, NGOs and non-profit social organizations.

It would be used for training activities of Talent program ( also.

We conceive the Laboratory as a meeting place for students who want to share knowledge and experience in developing apps.

In case of a huge demand, this laboratory will be linked to the booking system of the School so everyone will be able to use it.

Project development time will be the total amount required to purchase the equipment and it’s installation.

Motivazione e a chi si dirige il progetto

As a school of informatics we encourage students to have an environment where they can acquire knowledge in programming for iPhone, iPad ...

The project is mainly aimed to FIB students by providing them access to a laboratory where they can learn how to develop apps for iOS.
It also addresses to unemployed FIB’s graduates who may have a few hours a week of this lab and all those non-profit organizations wishing to offer training in iOS.

This project pretends to strengthen the mission of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC) and the Barcelona School of informatics to train professionals in mobile technologies, which is one of the most requested areas by the companies, which contributes actively in an area of strong economic growing.

Also Barcelona as the Mobile World Capital should be able to train experts in the field of mobile applications from a public university such as Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC) .

NGOs can work proposed Final Project (TFG) through the school professors, and thanks to this project, you may also develop apps for iOS platforms.

Obiettivi della campagna di crowdfunding

The aim of this project is to provide necessary resources to contribute mainly in learning mobile application development for IOS and thereby promote technical skills in this area, with the ultimate goal of incorporating professionals and entrepreneurs in a better position in the labor market.

Minimum Option: We consider that the bare minimum are 5 iMac (

Optimal Option: We consider the best solution would be to equip the entire Lab with 13 iMac computers.

Esperienza previa e team

inLab FIB is an innovation and research lab based in the Barcelona School of Informatics, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC) that integrates academic personnel from different departments and its own technical staff to provide solutions to a wide range of demands that involve several areas of expertise.

inLab FIB, formerly LCFIB, has more than three decades of experience in developing applications using the latest ICT technologies, collaborating in different research and innovation projects and creating customized solutions for public administrations, industry, large companies and SMEs using agile methodologies.

Nearly 70 people including academic and technical staff and students form our the inLab team, located in the International Campus of Excellence BKC (Barcelona Knowledge Campus).

Our main goals are:

-To develop R+D multidisciplinary projects and to transfer knowledge to society.

  • To build a professional environment focused on the development and training of the talent of our students: Talent training program

  • To provide a learning lab specialized in informatics engineering.

The project team members of the inLab FIB ( would be responsible for purchasing the equipment, the installation of the Lab, preparing equipment and training resources.

Optionally, student associations could organize educational and communication activities.

Impegno sociale